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Merchant Oil is a private limited liability company which evolved from Ghana in 2002 in West Africa.

Merchant Oil is currently in downstream petroleum activities but is seeking for license to go into upstream activities in the near future.

Merchant Oil is witnessing growth spurts due to its success in its business dynamics and extensive and unprecedented infrastructural development in its entire frontier.

In 2008, Merchant Oil established its Hong Kong office to cater for the Asian Market.

While we are aiming for growth by strengthening our organization, and know-how, we will continue to promote competitiveness and efficiency in all of our operations. By securing operational excellence in our current businesses, we will be able to provide a solid platform for future groth.

The nature of business which the company is authorized to carry on is: Oil Exploration, Oil Marketing, Petroleum Consultancy, Petroleum Importation, Oil Bunkering, Oil Shipping and Allied Services. read more...