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The objects for which the Association, which is a non-profit making organization, is formed are:

  • To promote the interests of its members and bodies engaged as marketers of petroleum products and oppose to actions that may adversely affect the petroleum industry in the Republic of Ghana.
  • To create a means of co-operation with Government, Ministries and Regulators on all matters relating to the petroleum industry in Ghana.
  • To provide the petroleum industry with means of advising, informing, influencing and executing policy with regard to economic, fiscal, legal, industrial, technical and other matters relating to the industry.
  • To encourage and advise members on the ways and means of pursuing healthy business relationships and practices in the industry and prescribe desirable code of conduct and industry practices in that regard.
  • To enhance the status and improvement of its members and to assist members acquire the professional knowledge, value and understanding they require for the business.