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Petrosol, a solely Ghanaian-owned Oil Marketing Company(OMC) operating more than 70 fuel stations has been adjudged the fastest growing OMC in the country by the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC).

The OMC's Marketing Manager, Akwesi Zigah was awarded the Best Marketing Personnel while Florence Nyarko also won Overall Best Pump Attendant for Petrosol.

Receiving the awards on behalf of Petrosol, Chief Executive Officer Micheal Bozumbil expressed appreciation to the Chamber and customers, adding that Petrosol will continually work towards satisfying the demands of its customers.

Mr. Bozumbil bemoaned the sales of adulterated products and the smuggling of sub standard fuel into the country as the major challenge confronting Oil Marketing Companies in the country.

"Not only do these smuggled and contaminated products affect the sales and growth of OMCs in the country, it also curtails taxes paid to the government since OMCs are not making more sales as well posing damage threat to the vehicles of consumers." Mr. Bozumbil noted

He commended government's effort to combating the menace whiles urging for more to be done to mitigate the damaging effects of this practice.

"Government's effort is commendable but more ought to be done. This is a practice that cost government more than GHC 1bn annually. So government has to be consistent with its effort" Mr. Bozumbil noted.

He also asserted that the sale of smuggled and contaminated product displaces more than 2 million liters of Petrosol products monthly from the market costing Petrosol around GHC6million.

Meanwhile with respect to awards, Engen Oil was awarded Best Fuel Quality for the year under review.

The Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMCS) has wrapped up the 2017 Petroleum Fun Games with outstanding performance from Kabore Oil Limited sweeping five trophies and one first runner up trophy as well.

Kabore took away the Football, Lime and Spoon, Ludo, Draught trophies as well as the first runner up trophy for the Playing Cards and iced the good day with the Best Performing Team trophy, at the 2017 PETFUN Games held at the Burma Camp Leisure Center.

The PETFUN organized by the AOMC was to create an opportunity for Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) to drop their traditional business war and put on a new garment to engage in friendly hostilities on the playing field loaded with fun.

Other winners were: Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL) who disappointingly picked only the Table Tennis trophy, Puma Energy Limited also struggled for the Volleyball trophy, whilst the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) once again exerted their will power in the Tug of War competition disposing all opposition to pick the trophy.

NPA also picked the foremost swimming competition trophy, So Energy picked the Sack Race Trophy, and Excel Oil Company Limited picked the Playing Cards trophy.

The 2017 PETFUN also witness dramatic exposure of product branding, glamour and beauty, dexterity of scores of NPA ladies who added tonic to the fun with a chorographic performance on the sidelines whilst scores of some ladies were in titillating sports outfits for the beauty of the game.

The various OMCs also invaded the center with scores of brass band and cheer groups which created a harmonious musical and dancing disorder.

The Best Female Participant gold medal went to Ms Laila Zangvio of NPA, and the Golden Boot award was picked by Mr Asamoah Boateng of Kabore.

The silver medalists were: Excel picked the Volleyball; Glee Oil Company Limited picked the Tug of War; Venus Oil Company Limited took away the Football and the Lime and Spoon; NPA the Table Tennis and Swimming; and Glory Oil Company Limited picking the Ludo.

Other silver medallists were: Frimps Oil Company Limited picked the Draught, and Cirus Oil Company Limited took the Sack Race.
Mr Kwaku Agyemang-Duah, AOMC Industry Coordinator told the CDA Consult in an interview that the annual PETFUN was to create avenue for staffs to exercise their bodies through fun for healthy living.

“Management should not only focus on increased productivity to push staff to the ultimate but the welfare of staff should be paramount as a healthy person is well motivated to produce with little or no supervision and motivation.

“The bane of most corporate managers is the neglect of the welfare of staff, poor working environment, creating of ivory towers where they hide and operate from as well as lack of motivation,” Mr Agyemang-Duah stated and called on those in the formal working environment to engage in regular bodily exercises.

Mr Kwaku Agyemang-Duah, AOMCs Industrial Coordinator commended the Oil Marketing Companies who participated in games and noted the need for oil marketing companies to build bridges and establish stronger network with other stakeholders across board.

Communication for Development and Advocacy Consult (CDA Consult) provides tailor made development communication tools necessary for operational transformation and translating dreams into achievable goals and equips clients with mechanism for public education on specific issues.

We have observed with utmost concern a news item on the various media channels to the effect that OMCs have been diverting premix fuel meant for fisher folks at their respective landing beaches. The over generalization and absolute inclusion of all OMCs especially those doing genuine business in this canker, warrant the following reaction;

1. The orders for the landing beach committees(LBCs) are allocated to the selected OMCs by the premix Secretariat on weekly basis.
2. The select OMCs on receipt of such orders contract the transporters for the premix to be conveyed to the designated Landing Beach Committee.
3. It has been observed that Landing Beach Committee’s , immediately continue to monitor with the respective transporter prior to loading on the Bulk Road Vehicle (BRV) until its loaded with a particular phone.
4. A member of the landing beach committee then directs the driver of the transporter of the premix fuel to the designated location for the fuel to be discharged. It must be noted that some locations of where fuel is discharged for a particular landing beach committee invariably does not match the name of the landing beach committee as tank its supposed discharge units, may not be located at the jurisdiction of the landing beach committee.

5. The OMCs duly received appropriate documents signed by an official of the landing beach committee to connote that the product has been received in good condition.
6. It is only when claims have been vetted by the NPA that select OMCs get to know that it has been diverted.
7. NPA sanctions the OMC by forfeiture of the freight claims and also put a fine against the OMCs.
8. In most cases, gruesome and painstakingly investigations by some OMCs have revealed that, some landing beach committee members misdirect the BRV driver to discharge to some other location with compelling reasons and duly append their signature forthwith.
9. OMCs have no means of having a real time knowledge of diversions as they are not privy to the interface display of the tracking device by NPA and thus act accordingly.
10. In few cases, that OMCs have investigated, they have had cause to terminate the contract with the transporter.


1. The AOMCs do not and will not condone or connive with recalcitrant players in the value chain who would like to play an unfair game to sabotage the economy and the state efforts to have a subsidized fuel for fisher folks and will welcome any action to forestall, as part of the actions against illegal fuel sales.
2. It is evident that we, as industry, regulators and the state need to critically look at the motivation for such bad social enterprise (PREMIX DIVERSION).
3. As an interim measure, equip the OMCs to have a tool (interface display) so that they can monitor the fuel and take drastic action.
4. We also believe that the weekly Orders and allocation of Premix should be published in the Media or dailies in an open and transparent Manner

Kwaku Agyemang-Duah ( Industry Coordinator )- 1 st December, 2017

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