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We have observed with utmost concern a news item on the various media

channels to the effect that OMCs have been diverting premix fuel meant for
fisher folks at their respective landing beaches. The over generalization and
absolute inclusion of all OMCs especially those doing genuine business in this
canker, warrant the following reaction;
1. The orders for the landing beach committees(LBCs) are allocated to the
selected OMCs by the premix Secretariat on weekly basis
2. The select OMCs on receipt of such orders contract the transporters for the
premix to be conveyed to the designated Landing Beach Committee
3. It has been observed that Landing Beach Committee’s , immediately continue
to monitor with the respective transporter prior to loading on the Bulk Road
Vehicle (BRV) until its loaded with a particular phone
4. A member of the landing beach committee then directs the driver of the
transporter of the premix fuel to the designated location for the fuel to be
discharged. It must be noted that some locations of where fuel is discharged for
a particular landing beach committee invariably does not match the name of the
landing beach committee as tank its supposed discharge units, may not be
located at the jurisdiction of the landing beach committee.
5. The OMCs duly received appropriate documents signed by an official of the
landing beach committee to connote that the product has been received in good
6. It is only when claims have been vetted by the NPA that select OMCs get to
know that it has been diverted.
7. NPA sanctions the OMC by forfeiture of the freight claims and also put a fine
against the OMCs.
8. In most cases, gruesome and painstakingly investigations by some OMCs
have revealed that, some landing beach committee members misdirect the BRV
driver to discharge to some other location with compelling reasons and duly
append their signature forthwith.
9. OMCs have no means of having a real time knowledge of diversions as they
are not privy to the interface display of the tracking device by NPA and thus act
10. In few cases, that OMCs have investigated, they have had cause to terminate
the contract with the transporter.


1. The AOMCs do not and will not condone or connive with recalcitrant
players in the value chain who would like to play an unfair game to sabotage the
economy and the state efforts to have a subsidized fuel for fisher folks and will
welcome any action to forestall, as part of the actions against illegal fuel sales.
2. It is evident that we, as industry, regulators and the state need to critically
look at the motivation for such bad social enterprise (PREMIX DIVERSION)
3. As an interim measure, equip the OMCs to have a tool (interface display) so
that they can monitor the fuel and take drastic action.
4. We also believe that the weekly Orders and allocation of Premix should
be published in the Media or dailies in an open and transparent Manner

Kwaku Agyemang-Duah ( Industry Coordinator )- 1 st December, 2017

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